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Text Processor

A Learning TypeScript > Arrays 🍲 entree project. You'll practice creating and transforming arrays of strings.

Hello, fellow text editing and type setting enthusiast! I hear you have a dual interest in both TypeScript and and type scripts. That's great because I have a few projects for you to help me out with all of those things.

I have a collection of raw text strings that represent some of my favorite pieces of literature. I'd like to set up code that can turn those pieces of text into print-ready lines, each capped at a maximum character width.

Before we can do any of our fancy typography work on text, we need to split text into lines. Much of our text data is stored in strings where the only whitespace is a single " " space between words.

Additionally, for each line, I'll need the ability to align it to the left, middle, or right. Alignment means adding spaces to the beginning and/or end of the string to fit it to a specified character width.

Can you type this text processor up for me, fellow typography practitioner?


If you haven't yet, set up the repository locally.

git clone learning-typescript-projects
cd learning-typescript-projects
npm i

Change your terminal directory to this project's:

cd projects/arrays/text-processor

In one terminal, start the TypeScript compiler in watch mode:

tsc --watch

In another terminal, run Jest via the test script. For example, to run tests in watch mode:

npm test -- --watch


In index.ts, export an alignTexts function.


  1. texts: An array of strings
  2. options: An object with the following properties:
    • align (optional): Whether to align to the left (default), middle, or right
    • width: Maximum character width for each processed line

Return type: An array of array of strings.


  • Input: alignTexts(["ab cd", "abc def", "abcd ef"], { width: 4 })

  • Output:

    ["ab ", "cd "],
    ["abc ", "def "],
    ["abcd", "ef "]


  • index.ts: Add your alignTexts function and type annotations here
  • index.test.ts: Tests verifying your alignTexts function and type annotations
  • solution.ts: Solution code
    • solution-alternate.ts: Alternate solution code that uses a more functional approach


  • text.split(" ") is sufficient to split the original text into an array of words.
    • Don't worry about spaces being off: words will only ever be separated by a single " " space.