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Configuration Options

Learning TypeScript's Configuration Options chapter goes over many of the important configuration options provided by TypeScript:

  • Using tsc, including its pretty and watch modes
  • Using TSConfig files, including creating one with tsc --init
  • Changing which files will be included by the TypeScript compiler
  • Allowing JSX syntax in .tsx files and/or JSON syntax in .json files
  • Changing the directory, ECMAScript version target, declaration file, and/or source map outputs with files
  • Changing the built-in library types used in compilation
  • Strict mode and useful strict flags such as noImplicitAny and strictNullChecks
  • Supporting different module systems and changing module resolution
  • Allowing including JavaScript files, and opting into type checking those files
  • Using extends to share configuration options between files
  • Using project references and build mode to orchestrate multi-TSConfig builds