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Strictly Speaking

A Learning TypeScript > Configuration Options 🍲 entree project.

Salutations. I am Strictus Typus the Fourth, compiler of the Roman TypeScript armies. My legions are spreading rapidly through the content, conquering as they go.

The masses long for inspiration. Thus it is inspiration I must give them.

Yet, I am not a leader through speech. I am a leader through action. Of conquering soldiery. Of brave deeds and noble intentions, spoken softly so as to not sharply jut out with overt obviousness.

Will you repair for me this speechwriter program? I fear it was originally written without TypeScript's --noImplicitAny or --strictNullChecks modes. You must restore strict type safety -undefined and all- that it may run justly and without type errors.


If you haven't yet, set up the repository locally.

git clone learning-typescript-projects
cd learning-typescript-projects
npm i

Change your terminal directory to this project's:

cd projects/configuration-options/strictly-speaking

In a terminal, start the TypeScript compiler in watch mode:

tsc --watch


  • index.ts: Add type annotation shere
  • index.solution.ts Solution code


  • Don't use any or leave any implicit anys.
  • Don't change any runtime code behavior. You're just working in the type system.